2019 begonnen

Claudio Alter
P1801 Bioinspired nanoscale drug delivery systems for efficient targeting and safe in vivo application (pdf)

Vanni Doffini
P1802 From Schrödinger’s equation to biology: Unsupervised quantum machine learning for directed evolution of anti-adhesive peptides (pdf)

Alexina Ollier
P1803 Nanoscale mechanical energy dissipation in quantum systems and 2D-materials (pdf)

P1804 Picoscopic mass analysis of mammalian cells progressing through the cell cycle (pdf)

Maria-Elisenda Alaball Pujol
P1805 High-throughput multiplexed microfluidics for antimicrobial drug discovery (pdf)

Sam Treves
P1806 Image the twist! (pdf)

Jann Hinnerk Ungerer
P1807 Andreev Spin Qubit (ASQ) in GeSi Nanowires (pdf)

Moritz Weegen
P1808 Quantum dynamics of an ultracold ion coupled to a nanomechanical oscillator (pdf)