2017 begonnen

Dr. Luc Driencourt
Optical plasmonic nanostructures for enhanced photochemistry (pdf)

Dr. Mehdi Heydari
Self-assembly and magnetic order of 2D spin lattices on surfaces (pdf)

Toshiya Kozai
A mechano-optical microscope for studying force transduction in living cells (pdf)

Dr. Stefano Di Leone
Selective Reconstitution of Biomolecules in Polymer-Lipid Membranes (pdf)

Dr. Shabnam Tarvirdipour
Smart peptide nanoparticles for efficient and safe gene therapy (pdf)

Dr. Lukas Gubser
Understanding and engineering of phonon propagation in nanodevices by employing energy resolved  phonon emission and adsorption spectroscopy (pdf)

Dr. Tamara Aderneuer (associated)
Non-visual effects of LED lighting on humans (pdf)