New service for our customers: Digital Photomontage and Coloration

SEM pictures, which usually come in black and white, are already rather impressive and beautiful. By putting them into a colorful scene, we can highlight mechanisms and functions to better understand what we are seeing; or just turn them into a
little piece of art.

Your energy dispersive X-ray-analysis (EDX) results, for example, could be presented like the image on the left:

With the help of photo editing programs, we create collages from microscopic images or color your scanning electron microscopy images as desired. If you are interested, please put a request into our admin tool at


Mildew on a wine leaf


Nanowire, sliced by FIB

Foot of a dustmite

Surface patterning of single-crystal rhodium

Spores of brown rust on a wheat leaf

Spirulia algae